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10 Things You Can Do to Help Pay for College

February 29, 2012

What parent isn’t shocked when their child is going through the college planning process and they start to look at the sticker price at most schools?.  College is the biggest investment most families will make with the exception of buying a house.  What can you do to make paying for college a little less painful?

1.   Fill out the FAFSA form whether you think you qualify for financial aid or not.

2.   Wait until you receive your financial aid package from a college to compare it to other schools.  Negotiate with a college to get the best deal.

3.   Encourage your child to apply for scholarships from colleges, local organizations, and your workplace or for a specific college major.

4.   Have your child start looking for a summer job and use those earnings toward college expenses.

5.   Compare the dorms where your child will be attending college and choose the one that is the most reasonable.

6.   Check out the meal plans where your child will be attending college and select the one that meets your child’s eating habits.

7.   As soon as class schedules are available, have your child try to buy textbooks online or at least used from the college bookstore.

8.   Have your child get a part-time job either through work-study on the campus or in the college community.

9.   Look at both public  and private schools and consider those that are committed to seeing your student graduate in four years.

10. If you child needs to fly to college, stick with one airline and make your reservations as far ahead as possible.